Server Support

Do you have a server in your office and think it could be performing better?

Cars need regular servicing, swimming pools need regular maintenance and it’s no different for your server. Having an underperforming server or one that is often offline, can result in lost time and money.

If basic computer tasks are becoming sluggish or complaints from your team are popping up more frequently, it might be time to give your server some extra attention.

We can monitor your server 24 hours a day and spend the time every week to make sure your server is firing on all cylinders.

Benefits of server care with MyDesign Co:


  • Regular scheduled server maintenance
  • Fast remote and on-site server support
  • Manage onsite and offsite backups
  • Remedy any alerts from your server
  • Implement IT best practices
  • Manage network security
  • Manage email systems
  • Manage anti-virus systems
  • Keep the server and its software up to date
  • No minimum fixed term contracts
  • This means that your server will be well looked after so that you can look after your business!

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